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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Blocking Phishing attacks

As many of us are facing phishing attacks. Here is the way how to block it.
Just see it's source code and test tht page for the following syntoms:-
The below source code has been obtained frm a real phishing page & modified. These types of codes are generally used in phishing attacks.Following lines & their corresponding function are:-

The above hidden input shows tht there is some mail to function & it is being sent to some . You can understand with this, that some mail is sent to a email id "" .

The above line tells you what is the subject of the sending mail.
From these two lines only it is clear that this is a phishing page...
And many use sites like or geocities for this purpose. I purposely warn you to not enter you real user id & password.
The various syntoms a phishing page is:-
1. Check if something similar is given in the source code which can be easily shown by View->View Source & check for some code like above with some mail_to input types ....
2.Gmail / Orkut / Yahoo or any other site is not going to make you login on some subdomain of its service.
When you request for the email login page in yahoo it always come with some .
This ensures you that it is not a phishing page. But if you think just enter any invalid id & password & do it. Either it will come the page u requested was not found or u entered wrong invalid id & password. You must not get trust like this. You must directly go to & select the service. And you can install some good security suites which block phishing sites. Or even you can use tht and use their DNS server. They say tht it blocks phishing page. Moreover you must not login on any link which is not from a trusted source or moreover  matches with the above syntoms.This information is to make aware ppl of phishing attack.

You can also use Mccaffe's anti-phishing tool or you can counter it yourself .


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