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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Our Current Project

I am announcing a new project or mission for us. We have to make a good CMS as a team , do all the coding & work with each other. Who ever wants to participate in this must have some knowledge of html, php, my sql database wid php-my-admin , dreamweaver...
Also we must find some good web host for free for our CMS. If we all did a good job , we will try to launch it on the web .
All the people who ever will participate in this will get their creid in the CMS . .
As this sounds interesting, we require more of computer geeks.
But for all this ,we require active members... Do reply if you agree with our new project.
If enough numbers of replies are got , we will be starting with the project soon.
P.S. To join this project, reply to this message!

To make our own CMS is our current project. This section will include all the division in which we have to work for our CMS.

The parts of the CMS:-
In Part 1, we will have a look at the overall plan for the CMS, and a look at PHP and the concept of object-oriented programming.

In Part 2, we will have a look on the basic PHP codes which will power our CMS.

In Part 3,we will work with database management & we will connect our php codes with the database.

In Part 4,we will have a brief discussion on validation & we will create a validator class . After this we will create various parts of the CMS to be managed.

In Part 5,we will do all the security work for our web site. For this we will have a good discussion on security loopholes & their countermeasure. After implemanting the countermeasures , we shall go to part 6. We will also create a system that is only accesible to those with proper authorisation. And also we have to create a login page for normal users.

In Part 6, we shall be discussing layout for the CMS , design templates for our web site & also we will be trying to add some Addons to our CMS.

Reply to this message, if you like the way our project is arranged.


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