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Friday, June 1, 2007

Install WAMP & let your own Web Server Start

Do you ever wonder how can you make your own web server with PHP , MYSQL , APACHE asap.

This will hardly take a minute after downloading.........

WAMP Server - Windows Apache MySQL PHP enabled server. This server system is easy to use & is better than IIS Servers with FrontPage ExtensioN. To build a good web site which will be like a CMS is very easy

You just require to have Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 & this software for starting with good work without any knowledge in PHP & MYSQL......

First install WAMP Server from & enjoy YOUR server...
After installing you will be able to access php-my-admin for your mysql easily & other features too. You will be feeling more comfortable with this as this server is good but also install some good firewall to block intruders , spywares & anti-viruse to block viruses.

Now just make tables with PHP MY ADMIN..... make a database named 'contacts' and then make a table 'ppl' .....
Now go to Dreamweaver->Application and click on add database connection and there you add the MY SQL COnnection & then by default the following entries must be placed
host : localhost
username: root
to be replaced with your database name for example if I have database contacts then i must type contacts.........

Now click on select & then OK...... now u have made the SQL Connection. Now in the application menu you will get many buttons ,try them out dude


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