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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Make a web site in Photoshop& using dreamweaver to edit it

Are you good in photoshop or want to be. Moreover, with this technique u will be able to create a good web site with good graphics & moreover.... you will do everything in photoshop so u knw how comfortable u are wid it. This tutorials will tell you how to make a web site in Photoshop and using dreamweaver to edit it..

Open Adobe Photoshop. Click on file->new
Then create a custom type with 1024X768 pixels.
Now lets start with our work.

You can make a good header ,design it with many brushes. Also what you can do is where you have to do the text work put a good shiny pic then make a layer more , use the screen brush and recolor the pic . By this way after 2-3 layers the pic will become a good one with the text. Also make navigation buttons for your site. Just design them & let it be there.You can also use Blending Options @ many places like while working with text or even working with graphics selecting the area & then use filters and blending options on layers . This will enhance your work.
After doing all your work, what you have to do is.
File->Edit in Image Ready. In Image Ready ,you have to just use the knife tools to seperate the buttons & header & footer & text part asap. And also you can use the web content Box, it provides features like making a roll-over button. Now after all this stuffs, just do the following:-
File->Save Optimized as-> index
and then choose html from the scroll menu...............
Now open it in dreamweaver. Make use of layers & wherever you want to insert some pic or text use layers. Just layers will let you do a free hand work on your current web site...

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